The fog has begun to lift. Some are now finding their concentration and/or focus is beginning to return.

The connection to the other side is not so thick feeling.

Our connections on the other side are cheering loudly. Although we – humans living on Earth – only get a portion (usually a small portion) of the “big picture” of what is happening…the other side can see and remember a whole lot more of what we signed up to accomplish while here. It seems we just cleared a major hurdle. *grin*

This does not mean we are done – not by a long shot – but the last few months had been like working and thinking through cold molasses…and that sensation heading out now. I feel more expansive again – like I have been liberated from something constrictive.

We still need to continue working on our energies – releasing, cleansing the old and heavy stuff. Don’t forget to ask your team for guidance and assistance (they can’t help unless you ask) – once asked they will do all that they can.

What may come:

  • Catching (or seeing) glimpses of beyond the third dimension (4th and 5th are kind of shiny or sparkly).
  • The sounds from the other side will become more clear (starts off as you hearing whisperings, mumblings in the distance, etc. and becoming more clear if that is what you want).
  • Pay attention more closely to your thoughts! They are not independent of you – what you think, you bring to you…more so now than ever before.

I would love to hear some of your experiences! Please feel free to share – either send me an email or put it in the comment section below. (email is jan — Close gap between jan and @ or the email won’t go through).

by Jan Toomer


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