And Here We Go!

The weird energy is definitely on the rise.

I went to town yesterday to pick up a package at the post office.

The line was long, but the energy in the line was calm, bored and totally do-able. Everything was fine until I reached the counter and asked the postal worker a question.

Apparently that was a big mistake on my part. This postal worker went off on me about the dangers and hazards of ordering stuff online. Hacking, identity theft, government intrusion, and destruction of our civilization.

Whoa! I was stunned. I looked around at the other postal workers and the people waiting in line. No one noticed!

When the postal worker went to retrieve my package, I breathed a sigh of relief, regrouped and pondered what happened.

When the worker returned, s(he) was a bit calmer, and spoke softer while passionately instructing me on how “Fahrenheit 451” is becoming more of a reality in the United States. And still no one else seemed to notice.

I got my package and got out.

I knew this week’s happenings (solar eclipse, equinox, etc. and downloads on the 20th) were bringing some massive energies…but they are obviously  already strongly affecting some people.

When I got home, I saw I had some emails from other Lightworkers reporting feeling unusual, or having unusual experiences. Yep, the next (approx.) 2 weeks are going to be interesting.

Shield, ground, stay in your energy (not get sucked into someone else’s energy), and breathe slow and deep.

by Jan Toomer


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