• Frustration
  • Delays
  • Uncooperative
  • Getting Slammed
  • Wanting to Retreat
  • Patience Tested
  • Communication Glitches
  • Electronic Glitches
  • Bouts of Exhaustion

These have been the energies – sometimes extreme, sometimes barely noticeable – that many may have been encountering for one to two weeks.

Yesterday, for me, seemed to be a doozy! I just wanted to sit in a corner and quietly read a book. Yes, I wanted to retreat.

It wasn’t the warm, calm, balanced fourth-dimensional energy that I prefer. A not-so-gentle reminder that we’ve not quite released all of our energetic anchors or energetic connections to the third dimension.

Oh, and we aren’t finished yet. Bouts of this energy will most likely be present, off and on, until one to two weeks after the next full moon on April 7th (which brings us to April 14th through 21st).

Then we move into Mercury Retrograde on April 28th.

I suggest treating this time, when needed, using the recommendations for when Mercury goes Retrograde.

Slow, deep breaths and release
Counting to ten if you need

by Jan Toomer


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