Today is a busy day – and the incoming energies are pretty potent.

Some of what people are experiencing today may be:

  • extremely high pitched whine in one or both ears
  • fluctuating between the ability for sharp focus and thoughts drifting
  • clearer “vision” when meditating, channeling, working with team
  • a bit jittery, like a touch too much chocolate or coffee – not heart pounding, but perhaps feeling like nervous energy

For me, when then high pitched whine cycles through, I stop, breathe slowly and deeply, and allow. I noticed that when I was getting agitated or felt pressured (from/with everyday problem solving), the whine became more insistent. When I stopped, took some slow deep breaths (relaxing my body) – the whining lessened or stopped.

The whining, on a metaphysical/spiritual level, is the incoming “downloads” or energy. This, for me, is the highest pitch I have ever heard – my take is that it is because it is a higher frequency energy coming in.

If I start drifting or losing focus, I gently (and lovingly) bring myself back to focusing. I am not harsh or hard on myself.

And I kind of like the small energy jolts. My heart is not pounding, but I have energy to spare. *grin*

And I am definitely not complaining about clearer “vision”.

For me, I am totally excited about the energies I have felt coming in the last two weeks (or so) and the boosters today (which may continue on after today).

Recommendations: Be gentle and loving to self. Take relaxing breath breaks if needed. You can re-shield to reaffirm that your shield is in place as well as the act of shielding gives you a focus.

by Jan Toomer


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