Relationship Upheavals

Quite a few people may be confused, surprised, frustrated by, or stuck smack in the middle of, a relationship upheaval.

The keyword for this round of energy tweaking is Relationships, and will continue until it’s all cleared up and cleared out.

All Relationships

That’s right, all relationships: personal, business, material, peripheral…all relationships.

Every little (or big) annoyance at someone or something that you’ve shoved down – did not express and/or resolve – is probably going to eject itself out into the open and demand to be addressed, heard, resolved, healed and released.

Any time, any where you felt or thought you were the victim, your energy is working to help you release and heal that victim-role.

I ask that you please do so without harm to self or others; constructively, not destructively.

At Work

Some who are not drama-driven (refuse to play either the victim-role or the drama game) may have been watching this process play out around them – all while working to not get dragged into it.

One popular way this can express itself or manifest is by co-workers breaking into factions. “Us” versus “them” mentality.

Sound familiar? Yep, we are experiencing this from a personal level all the way up to the global level.

I don’t think I need to address the national or global level of this…we can all see it in-person, on social networks and possibly on TV (I don’t watch TV “news”).


Whether you are experiencing or witnessing the workplace relationship upheavals or not, you have or will experience working on it on the personal level.

For example: whether you are in a long term or new relationship, the words and/or actions of your partner that had bothered, annoyed, upset, etc. you are going to be highlighted now.

Anywhere from annoying to you little quirks or idiosyncrasies, all the way to abuse are demanding release and healing.

  • Does he chew with his mouth open?
  • Does she leaves messes laying around?
  • Does he have to schedule time for you?
  • Does s/he have a little quirk that rubs you the wrong way?
  • Are you being mentally, physically or emotionally abused? Please seek help for this immediately.

Something to Consider

Here’s something to consider…what if you’re spouse, significant other, etc. was to pass away tomorrow?

Being a medium, I’ve met many people grieving the loss of a loved one. You want to know what they miss?

First – their physical presence.

Next – those annoying little quirks unique to their loved one.

Seeking Balance

This energy is not trying to tell us that we are bad people for having these feelings. It is bringing up the unresolved or unexpressed to be acknowledged and healed, so as to remove yet more emotional anchors tying us to the third dimension.


There really isn’t an us versus them or a me versus her/him. Perhaps it is really each of us battling with our own feelings of imperfection, inadequacy, etc. In other words, our own fears.

We really are in all of this together. We volunteered to be here to clear up the energy of the past, present and future. And that is not only our own past, present and future, but the past, present and future of every being on 3D Earth, and of Mother Earth.

Like I said, we really are in all of this together.


by Jan Toomer


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