The energy is pushing each of us – encouraging us to release holding on to illusions; quit blindly following someone/anyone; accept responsibility for self (own thoughts, actions, non-actions, deeds and words); and to no longer stuff our agitations, frustrations, fears, etc. somewhere in our energy.

All of this is to allow us to break free; to become the beings we truly are.

But sometimes we can get frustrated and cranky. It is hard work. We can definitely do it – if we don’t allow ourselves to remain lethargic or to keep the blinders on.

With this most recent energy surge, some people find/found themselves:

  • Craving alone time.
  • Agitated and/or split about/between being with others and doing own thing.
  • Frustrated with lack of commitment, consistency and/or follow through from others.
  • Calling others out on their intentional or unintentional lying; inconsistencies and/or lack of follow through.
  • Not holding things in or holding back, and speaking out, sometimes harshly. This one is usually not planned; rather it just seems to jump right out there – and can be as much of a surprise to self as it is to the recipient.
  • Getting frustrated with lack of clear communication. Needing, requiring, and/or demanding clear and concise communication (in all forms).
  • Time appears to go flying by one moment and crawling the next – all within the same day.

Time really isn’t linear; it is a third dimensional tool. Since we are working to leave all of 3D behind, time may appear a bit wacky until we release that illusion.


– Patience with self and with others.
– Don’t hold onto grudges (or it will work to pop out on its own).
– Shield as needed. It is a good focus and rebalancing tool.
– Laugh with joy.
– Allow some down time or quiet time for self (even if it’s five or ten minutes, or just sitting and shielding).

by Jan Toomer


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