This past week I have heard from people complaining about being unusually (not the norm for them) exhausted, off-kilt, purging (crying – or wanting to, sweating, etc.), can’t get enough/any sleep, wonky feeling, agitated or annoyed, trouble focusing or not staying focused (also known as being distracted), etc.

This past weekend I burned a pot. It was my steamer pot. You put water and spices in the bottom and insert the basket which contains the veggies to be steamed.

I put in spices and veggies, and turned the heat on.

The house filled with the smoke of burnt spices.

We cleared the house and cleaned the pot.

I set it up again, with water and veggies, turned it on high…and walked off.

The water boiled out…I burned the pot again. We had to open the doors and turn on every fan in the house.

I had never done this before, and yet accomplished it twice in one day. Fortunately, hubby and I were home so there were no fires.

And yes, I know you aren’t supposed to leave pots unattended…like I said, distracted.

In April, I mentioned how the full moon and the eclipses (plural) were bringing new energy downloads.

My friends, this newest phase of downloads will be occurring for approximately five more months – many of us will experience this in waves…off and on.

How Are We Supposed to Survive This?

Faith ~
Faith in your higher self, your team, and your Creator. This is all happening for a reason, and though most of us do not have total recall from our pre-life preparation, our higher self, team and Creator knows exactly what’s going on and are aiding you through it.

Being in the Now~
Many of us are constantly shifting from the past to present to future to possible futures (my hand is raised here too!). That in itself can be exhausting.

We are supposed to be living in the now…which, still being connected to the third dimension, seems like an oxymoron statement since we have to plan and schedule within our daily, weekly, etc. life.

What I have been doing for myself is prioritizing my tasks and working on one item at a time, staying solely (as in not allowing myself to get side tracked or distracted, even with feeling exhausted) focused on the ‘right now’ task.

For example: I had set aside a whole week (see? There is that third dimension scheduling) to transfer computers, which included learning (by, apparently, my favorite method of sink-or-swim) how Windows 7 communicates (or is it ‘dictates’?) and did include my using some “colorful” language of my own directed to the program…but I digress…that story is for another time perhaps.

But I stayed with it, and didn’t let myself get sidetracked…and for those of you who know me…butterfly!

I also do a lot of shielding…not because I feel unprotected, but – for me – shielding also helps me to focus and center myself (which is one reason why I keep recommending that people shield).

So you see? I just don’t talk or write about all this stuff…I live it too!

A Reminder

A reminder for those who’ve read past posts, and a heads up for the new readers:

The us of today had volunteered to be on Earth, in the bodies we are wearing now, to help Earth’s energy raise in vibration and to aid the human race’s energy rise. We agreed to come here during this time so that we could – as individuals – clear the energy for every lifetime we each have had on Earth.

Yes, I agreed to help cleanse the imbalances, fears, angers, victim roles, etc. of every lifetime I have had in connection with Earth…and so did you.

This is why the energy shifts, downloads, updates, waves, etc. (whatever you want to call them) have become so intense…we need the boosts to do what we agreed to do!

Why Now? Why This Lifetime?

Each imbalance, etc. from this lifetime and others are anchors into the third dimension Earth energies.

This means our imbalances are weighing not only each of us down – tethering us to a heavier energy – but with those anchors, we are weighing Earth down as well.

This is the lifetime for spiritual awakening en masse; to break the bonds of third dimension duality.

In Closing

Please work to stay focused and centered. This does require conscious participation and intent! No more burning of the pots.

Shield if you feel the need.

And as always: laughter, laughter, and laughter. The energy spikes as well as floods one with a sense of well being and releases tension.

by Jan Toomer


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