This energy update includes approximately the last three weeks.

  • Our buttons are being pushed, again
  • Electronic glitches
  • Communication glitches
  • Tired/exhausted
  • Food adjustments

For many, this has been ongoing – it just seems more intense and/or more “in your face” now.

For others, they may be experiencing it for the first time.

Either way…argh!

And a heads up. I highly recommend you learn to do the slow deep/full breathing to calm yourself so frustration doesn’t over take you – because the button pushing/poking; glitches; exhaustion or food adjusting is not going to spontaneously stop or bend to the will of your frustration.

But Wait! There’s More!

A lot of people hear me say that during consultations; now you get to experience it. *grin*

Mercury is going Retrograde on May 18th (through June 11th). Mercury Retrograde

So these electronic glitches and communication glitches? And the frustration and delays and mis-directions? These will be amplified by Mercury going Retro.

Same Song, Different Day

Yes, we’ve been working through these energy “symptoms” for quite a while; the reasons remain the same.

  • We are healing our past, present and future self.

Karma – or seeking balance – is not going to be something we can continue to carry over for later, anymore. Everything is being dealt with here and now.

We need to heal/release our traumas, imbalances, etc. this lifetime. They are all connected to the third dimension. They are anchors that we really don’t need to have. And, they have to be healed/released to move deeper into the 4th and onto the 5th.

  • As we progress, our bodies can become overwhelmed with foods we previously had no issues with. As our frequency rises, it may have trouble with consuming artificial foods, processed foods, animal products, etc.

Yes, I am a vegetarian (leaning towards vegan as far as what foods I eat), but I have never begrudged meat eaters. I know we each vibrate at our own frequency at our own rate.

I can tell you, though, there is no consumption of other life energies in the fifth dimension. I can also tell you that everyone gets there in their own time and on their own path.

‘Nuff said.

Electronic and Communication Glitches

I’ve had to do the deep breathing exercises many times – just recently – over this one.

My phone glitched and I lost a lot, including a large portion of my contacts.

The good part was that my phone was wiped and brought back to factory settings. I played with my personal settings and decided what different apps and preferences I now wanted.

Be Clear

Some people may be getting frustrated with me. I want direct answers. I will no longer guess or infer from a reply. If there is any room for multiple interpretations, or it is just plain unclear to me, I will ask a direct question which can usually be answered by a “yes” or “no”.

I have written about this before. All of this is part of our preparation/learning for telepathy. It may seem a stretch between the two, but there is a direct connection to verbally/written communication being clear and precise and telepathy.


Besides those working in others ‘muck’ and having to remember to clear self from others energies (which can drain the body); not letting ‘energy vampires’ clamp on and drain you, etc. we also have been working hard. We have been receiving massive amounts of energy and we are having to adjust and adapt.

Also, consuming foods/drinks that are no longer harmonious with the body’s frequency can be taxing on the body.

This can just plum wear us out.

All I can say is – hang in there. (I know, helpful, right?) Deep breathing exercises; watch the foods and drinks you consume; ground your self (walking, gardening, swimming, etc.) and shield (the technique offered on this blog is a baseline. You take it, change it to work for you and run with it).

by Jan Toomer


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