Today seems to be a doosie. I feel like I am living in one of the old Batman television shows from the nineteen-sixties. Bam! Pow!

The energy today is…interesting (for those of you who don’t know me, emphasis on the word “interesting” usually means I am not amused).

  • Feeling even more scattered today?
  • Having trouble with verbal communication?
  • Feeling just about everyone around you is scattered?
  • Feel like you hadn’t slept, or hadn’t slept well?
  • Feeling a bit irritated today?

I found myself not really…well… totally in my body today – like part of me is (and was) floating in the clouds, oblivious to anything or anyone around me. And that is certainly not conducive to safe driving.

Hubby and I headed into town today, in separate vehicles (to shop and get gas); hubby was following me.

I drove past my exit. I ended up on the interstate. I was shaking my head, thinking, “Where the heck am I?”

I took the next exit off the interstate and sat at a traffic light.

Hubby gets out, runs up to my window and asks, “Where ya’ going?”

I shrugged, “Scenic route. I am heading back onto the interstate.”

He grinned, shook his head and headed back to his truck.

We headed into the store. After we came out, I looked into all of my rearview mirrors, checking to make sure no one else was backing up or walking behind me.

I put my car in reverse and gently swung out of the parking spot. I stopped and checked my rear view mirror. I was literally inches from a sign which had two foot tall concrete support base. I never even saw. Thankfully I didn’t hit it.

I am not normally an airhead like I was today.

But this actually – for me – began yesterday. During group, I repeatedly had problems with the English language (mind you, it is the only language I am currently fluent in). I was having difficulty finding the words; the teens were very patient with me.

It is like I know that we are so close to using telepathy that I seem to have lost patience with verbalizing – I don’t want to have to search for words (which really are very limiting). I just want to share the thought, feeling, mental image and move on.

Yeah, not happening yet. But many others are sensing this and are feeling frustrated with verbal communication.

So I took a few minutes and I did my let’s-get-fully-back-into-my-body visualization to help ground me.

I pictured my non-physical aspect working to fit back into the physical body.

I tell myself, while I visualize it, “head into head; neck into neck; torso into torso; arms into arms; legs into legs; feet into feet; toes into toes and fingers into fingers”. I “see” everything fitting back in nicely and comfortably.

And then went home and parked the truck.


by Jan Toomer




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