We are still working on the most recent energy shifts/downloads. Some people are reporting (continuing and some new):

  • memorable, vivid and/or intense dreams
  • teary, cry easily – but not depressed
  • cranky or short tempered off and on (and not necessarily knowing why…may be tied to the desire to want to function in 4th and 5th instead of the 3rd dimensional energies)
  • either needing more sleep or less sleep (outside of norm sleeping patterns)
  • energy fluctuations throughout the day
  • becoming more sensitive/feeling others emotions (empathic/empathy)
  • seeking or feeling the “itch” to look for new experiences, education, careers, etc.
  • whining, acting out, rebelling (due to fear of change or the upcoming unknown)
  • prickly moments in verbal communication (still wanting to move beyond the stinted and limited third dimension verbalization communication methods)

Know that these are not necessarily negative experiences – unless you treat them as such/act as such. These are signs of purging and/or shaking off the old energy to make room for the new. If you hold or have a negative outlook on or about these changes in your life, you are then hanging on to the heavier, no so pleasant energies and prolonging the cleansing. Keep in mind that these energy shifts/downloads are to help us clear our energies and raise our frequencies.

Please have patience with self and others; deep breaths, meditating, gardening or walks are some ways to release the edgy or irritating energies.

by Jan Toomer


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