We have seen, since Mercury went retrograde, even more energy downloads hitching rides in on yet another eclipse and more solar flares.

This has created some wonky energy – which has produced more bizarre and weird incidents with people who are having a more difficult time adjusting to the frequency of downloads and energy shifts in such a short time.

The wonky energy has also been affecting those of us who are working hard to adjust and adapt to the new energies. We are seeing and/or experiencing:

  • Feeling a little off (or tilted or wonky)
  • Words – verbal communication (which is affected by Mercury Retrograde) has been difficult in addition to Mercury’s current influences. Because verbal communication is a third dimensional “thing”, and we are working with higher frequencies during these downloads, we sometimes get frustrated with one another because we are hearing jabbering out of someone’s mouth and it is not sinking into our brains. If you find yourself ready to pull your hair out, try looking into one another’s eyes, without verbalizing, and allow the energy aspects of self to communicate mentally.
  • Feeling spacey or not all “in body” – again, because we are downloading higher frequencies, we seem to have difficulties staying in our physical bodies. Please remember, we still need to hang on a little longer to the third dimension aspect of self…and try to stay in body.
  • Having trouble staying focused.

I know these can be unsettling, but I ask your patience while your body and energy works to adapt and adjust.

Oh, and Mercury Retrograde only has five more days! Yay!

by Jan Toomer


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