Off We Go!

Mercury went direct on the 9th and we are feeling the abrupt forward thrust now.

Along with this, we are being asked to focus and pay attention to our thoughts, as things speed up.

If you thought the communication glitches were over because Mercury went direct, you are mistaken. If we don’t focus (for clarity), we will find our communications getting sorely ishcombibbled.

We are in a faster, higher frequency – well suited for telepathy, but many still have not yet mastered it – so if we don’t communicate clearly, and with focus, it will be misinterpreted or come out sounding like gibberish to others.

Remember we previously talked about speaking and communicating clearly and concisely? It was preparing us for this point and on.

We are also experiencing an energy surge. This surge is aiding us in pushing out the old, denser energies we still have trapped within us. And this surge is a doozy.

Some are reporting feeling:

  • Dizzy
  • Off-kilt
  • Fluctuating between hyper and wanting to just be still
  • Less tolerant of noise around you
  • Fluctuating between focused and fuzzy brained

What to Do?

I know I sound like a broken record – but will continue passing this along:

– Ground yourself – gardening, swimming, walking, sinking your toes into dirt, sitting with your spine against a tree trunk, etc.

– Breathe – well, of course breathing is important. Taking slow, deep breaths can aid you in re-focusing, as well as calming your body and mind.

– Laugh – it’s very healthy to experience genuine laughs.

by Jan Toomer


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