We are still reeling from the effects of the latest solar flares which precedes tomorrow’s full moon.

Please remember that we have “discussed” the energy downloads riding in on our full moons – and that sometimes extra downloads are added around that time (since we are already used to adjusting for flux in gravitational pull from full moons).

This solar flare was no exception, it brought in a few days of sleeplessness, restlessness, exhaustion, foggy brain, etc. The effects should start lessening after the full moon.

So as we begin emerging from the solar flare and full moon energy downloads, we also begin three weeks of the Mercury Retrograde energy which begins Monday (21st). The Mercury Retrograde energy slows us down – it can also delay contracts; can cause miscommunications; make electronics wonky; make us feel like we are trudging through molasses…slow progress if any.

Though it sounds negative, I don’t really believe it is. I don’t really like when Mercury goes Retrograde, but I have learned to take slow deep breaths and really work to allow things to progress at Mercury Retrograde’s rate…which means nothing really goes fast, on time, or maybe it may not go at all…but to take it all with grace (and again, a lot of slow deep breaths). I also learned to adjust and move myself and a slower pace; and this also affords one time for inner reflections.

Mercury will go direct around November 10th or 11th.

by Jan Toomer



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