Whew! That is the word for the last two weeks.

Since Mercury Retrograde has ended, many of us are feeling jettisoned forward. Some of us feel that life has moved into fast forward mode; you get up in the morning, blink, and it’s time for bed and you are exhausted.

So much energy has been sent to us lately – I am feeling quite saturated for now. *grin*  But these energies are helping us to keep pushing out the old energies, the anchors, to heal our pasts, to grow and lighten.

And this includes Mother Earth as well; these energies are aiding in healing her.

Why Are the Energies So Strong?

Please remember – we are cleansing and healing all aspects of our soul; our past, present and future lives. We need the extra boosts to work through all of self, not just the current physical self.

Time is Going Too Quickly!

Yes, it is flying past very fast. Again, please remember that each of you have the ability to slow your time down so you don’t feel so rushed. We are in creation practice-mode, and slowing (or speeding up) our personal time is currently within our capabilities.

How? Take a few slow, deep breaths (to calm your physical and your energy). Next, see and feel your time slowing down. I use the visualization of a clock slowing its ticks and tocks. And finally, know that you now have more time this day.

It Isn’t Over

Good news! The energy updates, downloads, upgrades, or shifts aren’t over yet. We are doing some massive overhauling on this planet, so the energies will continue to come in and boost us.

As always, when feeling overwhelmed or ishcombibbled – take some time to reconnect.

Laughter, connecting with Mother Earth (gardening, walking outside), physical activities, etc. can help to balance the energies within you.

Happy Practice-mode! And keep the Light!

by Jan Toomer



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