Wowzer! Are you feeling it?

This extreme energy is packing a punch, and right where it seems to hurt; flicking a raw nerve or exposing a weak link in our self-adorned armor.

It began last week, and this last full moon (aka Super moon) kind of pushed us to the edge.

Release, Release and Release Some More

Yep, same old song. We’ve been pushed, prodded, prompted and encouraged.

We’ve been supplied wave after wave of supportive energy to assist us in removing what we are ready to release.

Oh, and if a person fights the process, it just takes longer. It won’t go away.

Our bodies and energy have worked so hard to release all the crap we’ve stuffed, hid, ignored, etc. – like peeling the layers of an onion. One layer removed to reveal another layer.

In Our Face

Now this energy is in our face – clearly and succinctly showing each one of us what we need to work on.

Are you disorganized? Then your disorganization will be/ is amplified.

Did you suppress your grief over your lifetime? If so, you are probably feeling it trying to work it’s way out to be released.

Are you a worrier? Then more will present itself to worry over.

Did you bury your emotions? Your fears? Angst? Anger? Guess what wants to be released now?

Get the idea? If you’ve been dodging or ignoring something you need to work on, it will get louder – or more in your face — until you do so.

I, for one, have decided that I will breathe deeply and encourage my releases and healing. I don’t want anything holding me back from taking another step towards the spiritual being I AM and leaving the games of duality behind.

Breathe. Release. Repeat as necessary.

by Jan Toomer


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