Phone calls, emails, texts, oh my!

Let me begin by saying – you are not alone.

Yes, it has been intense, and sometimes confusing. Some feel like their bodies are on the fritz.

In addition to the almost constant energy “downloads” that we are working to stay centered during, we have also experienced an earthquake yesterday (8+ in Chile), solar flares, and atmospheric disturbances.

People have been reporting:

  • Headaches (some as severe as migraines)
  • Anxiousness and/or jitteriness
  • Extreme sleeping or lack there of (extreme one way or another)
  • Heart issues
  • Stomach and/or digestion issues
  • Muscle aches and/or flu-like feelings

I recommend keeping self grounded (in the here and now). Go play in some water or dirt (such as bathing the dog or gardening). Do an activity that helps relax you and bring you in touch with the physical in your realm.

And laughter. Definitely laughter. Oh, and chocolate – but preferably not at night time if you get hyper from it. *grin*

Include your team. I asked my team to “Please balance my body and energy and let me adapt safely, gently and without headaches.”

Hang in there folks. And please, if you feel you are having problems with your heart – or have any other emergency – seek medical help.

by Jan Toomer


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