Wow, what a week! And sorry folks, it’s not over yet.

Many have felt this month’s strong waves, combined with solar activity, making last month’s update seem pretty mild. And to top it off, we still experiencing the same “symptoms” as we did in August – we’ve just added a few more this month.

We are being supported and aided (energy-wise) in some major releasing, and for some, they’ve needed an added jolt (or boost of energy) to knock some of the stuff loose.

The past few weeks, one way that this support has shown up has been through an increase in accidents to help shake some heftily stuck energy loose.

I have heard from some people – and have seen some for sessions – that have had some “shake things up” traumas, especially in the accident department.

  • Sitting in their vehicle, at a complete stop, and they got rear-ended (so far, none requiring a hospital stay).
  • A blow or jolt to the head during normal interactions with pets, kids, etc.
  • Doors, walls, cabinets, etc. “jumping out” (not literally) and whacking someone.

Not Right

Some have also reported (myself included) feeling tilted, wonkified, off-kilt, etc.

I find myself mis-stepping – which usually results in bumping into people, counters, or maybe the couch. It sometimes feels like my body doesn’t quite work right all of the time.

Working to stay present and in “the now” can help with this. However, if you are like me…thinking about what I need to do later that day or even for the week is definitely not staying in the now.


The same recommendations apply as the recommendations in August’s update :

  • Breathe and Release
  • Laughter
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Realign self
  • Ground/reconnect with Mother Earth.

Like I said, it’s not over yet. Please keep things light for yourself. Cry if you need to (a great release). Meditate and rest.

Oh! And I greatly recommend – Leave the drama (yours and anyone else’s) behind! Drama keeps you tied/connected to lower frequencies/vibrations. You really don’t need it.

by Jan Toomer


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