• Off-centered
  • Tilted
  • Wonky
  • Ishcombibbled
  • Disconnected
  • Scattered
  • Focus Impaired

These are some of the feelings coming through right now. These can be mixed in with:

  • Emotions/empathy is stronger
  • Increased drama intolerance
  • Desire to refine
  • Craving order over chaos

It is a bit of a push me – pull me sensation, and – simplified – it boils down to this…

We are struggling to remain connected to what is familiar (living in third dimension energies).

We are struggling to disconnect from the third and move through the fourth and connect with the fifth dimension energies.

Push me – pull me.

When I experience the push me – pull me, it is almost comical (if it wasn’t so frustrating sometimes) to see me navigate.

In other words, I become very clumsy. I knock things over, spill things, and feel heavy and uncoordinated in my body.

This, for me at least, is not knowing what to do with my third dimension physical body, and how to completely convert it to a fifth dimension energy vibration.

It is an awkward transition – kind of like when we worked on going from puberty to adulthood. Awkward.

Then we have all of that with emotions/empathy being stronger seemingly tossed in here and there.

Okay, I cry a lot anyway – births, weddings, happy endings, sad endings, seeing acts of kindness or compassion, etc. … but I feel it even more deeply now.

At the same time, some are finding drama and pettiness hard to stomach and/or not wanting it, or those who thrive on it, in their life anymore.

Expanded Awareness

This one is frustrating. Catching more glimpses of the “Big Picture”, but wanting to be there now.

And for me, this goes hand in hand with “Craving order amidst chaos”.

Desire to Refine

Working on not only allowing the ‘real’ you to surface, but also practicing creating your life (manifesting your thoughts).


As Always

I recommend staying aligned with your physical body (your subtle self re-aligning with your physical self by visualizing and saying, “head to head, neck to neck, arms to arms, hands to hands, fingers to fingers, torso to torso, legs to legs, feet to feet, toes to toes”) – as well as laughter and grounding.

_ _ _ _

I had a doozy of a time trying to type this (apparently still in the awkward phase *grin*). My fingers were all over the keyboard…and I had trouble with spelling every once and a while.

“Awkward” still looks wrong to me – seriously wrong (but the online dictionary assures me that it is the correct spelling).

I believe this goes back to the wanting to be in the “Big Picture” now. Telepathy (our known form of unimpeded communication which is normally dropped – at least to a lesser degree for some – when in third dimension) is one aspect of moving to the fifth dimension – instead of the awkward (yep, still looks wrong) and limited oral and written forms of communication.

by Jan Toomer



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