(Originally posted on June 7th, 2012)

Please remember:

  • Not everyone experiences this. There is nothing “wrong” with you if you do – or do not – experience these shifts/shift symptoms. Also, some people sail through without feeling/noticing anything.
  • Those who do experience it may not experience it all the same time as others. It may be a group experience and when that group is done, another group experiences it. This offsetting prevents a lot of issues.
  • This is not an excuse. Sorry folks, you signed up for this – so, with love and respect, I say “deal with it” (and remember, you are not alone with this).
  • These shifts rarely last beyond 7 days (I have never seen one go beyond that – they are usually 2-4 days). “Milking it” is not cool.
  • If any doubt or concerns arise, please see your physician – it may not be the shift.

by Jan Toomer



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