by Linda Aragon

Think about it, we are all learning, growing, changing, maturing, and becoming better people all the time…whoa…is that by accident?  The concept of “Everything happens for a Reason” can be difficult for many to embrace but I promise you, once you open yourself up to learning basic Universal Laws, everything changes and life gets easier.  How is that so?  Universal Laws are intact at all times just as surely as physical laws (i.e. Law of gravity).  Humans can get very attached to the idea that the Universe is a place of random accidents. The alternative seems to be that God is in control of everything, a Puppet Master so to speak.  The truth is we are in a place of learning; think about your growth thus far, could you have gotten it from a book?  There will come a time when you say “The discovery was worth the fall”.  Most of Earth is in cosmic kindergarten, basic principles have not been learned, and judging runs ramped.  Earthlings can be very stubborn in insisting on their own way.

(Nelson Mandela spent most of his life in prison. He’ found his voice’ and ‘knew in his bones’, “Everything happens for a Reason”).

Our “Aha Moments” are moments of enlightenment. Sometimes they come in an instant, sometimes more slowly, sometimes in a crisis, sometimes in looking back.  These are pivotal moments in your evolvement.  No matter what happens, with it comes something valuable and it’s just what you need. Even in the worst circumstances, there are hidden gifts and lessons.  Books and teachers don’t teach, experience teaches.  You would learn nothing from a lifetime of happiness.

You are living a dual existence, one the personality, one the soul – your soul has its own agenda – that voice inside of you, or your intuition is guiding you at all times…just listen. Prayer is talking to God (or Source), intuition is God talking to you.  Your soul knows much more than your conscious mind can ever be aware of.

To understand fully the concept of “Everything Happens for a Reason”, one must become aware of Soul Contracts.  A study in itself but for a basic understanding – Major lessons are set up ahead; you do come here with a plan. Carefully set up, your soul knows what it needs to experience, where balance (karma) is in order, and how best to facilitate this growth including choosing your parents. Certain things may be destined to happen.  A relationship for example:   Relationships are a fast forward path to spiritual evolvement, as are addictions.  Relationships are a mirror for us to see where our work lies. The areas of sensitivity as in “When our buttons get pushed” are a huge clue to what lessons may remain unlearned.   We are here to learn, share, love, appreciate, and give of ourselves.  Where the line is drawn between destiny and free will can be difficult to define, both exist but it is important to note that ‘free will” trumps all. Knowing this on a heart level should help you with acceptance, and to search out the lesson, staying out of the drama as much as possible.  In every event learning is taking place.

The “Secrets” I am revealing here can be life altering! In a nutshell, I invite you to open up to the understanding; there are no coincidences – no accidents, and truly “Everything happens for a Reason”.  To explore this on a deeper level, upcoming classes will be presented on this concept as well as – “Soul Contracts” and “Universal Laws”.  Contact me if you would like be on a list for these classes.

Linda Aragon, Holistic Life Coach

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