Q: Does your work entail spells, witchcraft, brainwashing, etc.?
A: My goal is to assist the client in expanding their perspective, and discuss energy and patterns. I do not do witchcraft, black magic, brainwashing, spells, etc.

Q: Will your work interfere with my religious beliefs?
A: My work is not religious-based; however, I cannot tell you that it will not go against anyone’s religious beliefs. Each individual must decide that on his or her own. Many have found it to fit nicely with their religious belief system.

Q: How do I know what you are teaching is true or real?
A: I emphasize strongly that each individual must decide what is true for them. I encourage clients to listen to themselves for what feels right to them.

Q: What is a good metaphysical book to read?
A: This is a difficult question. There are so many books out there covering so many different aspects of the metaphysical and paranormal. I have set up Metaphysical Book Reviews on the Reality Undefined Blog.

Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Types of Psychic Abilities

Reality Undefined Blog:

The free Reality-Undefined / Metaphysical-Studies blog was created for multiple authors to share their metaphysical, paranormal or spiritual experiences and insights in hopes to make others not feel so alone in their journey. The blog also has Your Meta-Questions. This is where I encourage generalized metaphysical, paranormal, or spiritual-related questions (questions that could apply to many people) that can be answered and posted on this site to aid the public (see Your Meta-Questions). Because of the quantity of questions coming in monthly, I can only pick a few to answer. Please submit your questions through the Contact page.

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Metaphysical Consultations, Paranormal Consultations, Missing Persons – However, for ghost investigations, please contact your local reputable paranormal or ghost investigators.

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