Flight to Eternity by Marty Arnold. © 1986, Mystic Mountain Books. ISBN 0-911265-06-6.

“The plot, the scenes, and the characters in ‘Flight to Eternity’  are fictional, but the story, the actions, and the experience of the characters are based on information gathered…” (page ix)

This is a fictional story of TranAir flight 481; its crew and passengers.

A very light passenger load on 481, the flight was scheduled to leave Colorado and land in Los Angeles.

The plane never made it to its physical destination – it had crashed.

What followed were the characters stories of what transpired after the crew and its passengers ‘crossed over’.

From the information that I have received over the years, the information presented in this book on what happens after we die, rang true to me.

I highly recommend this book for those interested in life after death.





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