by Dragon Spirit

As I sat on the porch enjoying the beautiful evening, I settled into a short meditation. Whether it was the assistance of the Venus transit or just time, I don’t know.  What I do know, is what happened next.

As I began to visualize all those whom I may have offended in any fashion and ask forgiveness, my vision abruptly shifted and filled with a large grey object covered in yellow dots.  As the image rose, I was surprised to find myself face to face with Ganesh in his yellow and red polka dotted glory. Absolutely amazing!   He handed me a heart shaped box on a ribbon of orange. As I began to thank him, I was visited by Kwan Yin and she handed me a yellow flower, touched my chin and vanished. She was quickly replaced by a female African deity whom I do not know, decked out in her glorious body paint. I believe her offer was to dance with her but the image began to fade as I started crying out of joy and release.  I think this is what humans refer to as an opening of the heart. (Painful, welcome and exciting all at once.)

I have discovered that Kwan Yin bestows upon me a flower in the color corresponding to whatever hurdle I’ve crossed so that I know it is time to move on to the next one. Her gift is the tool kit needed for the next battle.  (Yes, some of us have to be spoon fed from time to time.)

I believe that Ganesh will play a similar role, only handing me boxes to which I will have the pleasure of discovering what contents await now that I have “found the keys.”

The African Queen, I have yet to discover. Perhaps that is the whole point of the invitation. To discover how to totally free oneself and get lost in the dance, if only for a moment.  I can say that I felt the desire to fly and felt my wings open in response (I am a dragon after all, and we love music in all its forms.)

I suppose only time will tell.

(The warriors’ greatest struggle is showing their softness.)

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