Many of us are experiencing so many changes right now, on different levels.

  • Physical Changes
  • Emotional Changes
  • Energetic Changes

We are purging emotional garbage, which can lead to physical changes as we become lighter; and we are experiencing energetic changes, which is usually what prompted the physical or emotional changes.

And as we go through this, we can experience our senses becoming heightened.

Heightened Senses

When we go throughSweet Smell a Metaphysical Growth Spurt, some, or all, of our senses get heightened.

And our normal daily senses are connected to our “other senses”. This means our “other senses” become heightened as well.

This week we’ll take a look at the heightened sense of smell.

What Might That Be Like?

For me, smells hit me really hard – oftentimes nauseatingly hard.

  • Strong perfumes or colognes will make me gag or make me nauseous. Sometimes the smell feels like it goes straight to my brain, and not in a good way. I often breathe through my mouth and scramble to get away from the overwhelming odor.
  • Synthetics will also send me scrambling to get away. One extreme example is the tires in the automotive department in a store.

But it is not just our regular ole’ smelling ability that gets heightened. Our “other smell” can be affected as well.

With the “other smell” heightened (for me), I can smell and infection taking hold before the person even feels or knows it. In the past, I could smell cancer in someone before it was detected. I could also smell the chemicals of someone on cancer therapy without the person telling me that they were experiencing treatment.

Ghosts and spirits can use a smell trigger, which can be much stronger, or more defined, during a round of heightened smell. Example: one grandfather would send me a whiff of Old Spice when he wanted to say, “Hi!”. But during heightened senses, I smell Old Spice strong and right next to me.

Does the heightened sense stay heightened?

Short answer – yes, it can.

Long answer – Yes, but we can acclimate and/or adapt to it. We can also turn it down on our “volume knob”. (You can read more about this at Metaphysical Growth Spurt.)

by Jan Toomer


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