What happens when a group of friends who are sensitives, get together for lunch at the Double Eagle Restaurant, located in Old Mesilla, New Mexico, on the plaza?

Well, on April 30th, we decided to find out. The manager, Jerry Harrell, graciously allowed us to dine in the Carlotta Salon.

It was agreed beforehand that none of us would look up information on Double Eagle before our visit or discuss our impressions until everyone had a chance to write them down while we were at Double Eagle Restaurant – no sharing until then, unless urgent.

Please note: I have used “{ }” brackets in places where I inserted information for clarification – they were not part of the original notes.

April 30th – our visit to Double Eagle Restaurant:

When you enter, you are greeted by the hostess. To your left is a beautiful, ornate carved bar.

We made our way to the Carlotta Salon. When you enter the room, the dining table is in the center of the room.

On the right wall is a gilded angel on a mantel with a large rectangular mirror above it. An overstuffed chair sits in the corner.

On the left is another mantel with a large oval mirror above it. Further down the left wall, on a small side table sits a lamp; another over-stuffed chair sits in the corner.

The far wall has a large portrait, reported to be of Marie Charlotte with her dog.

The opposite wall hangs the portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Maese (original owners).

After we had our lunch, we ‘opened’ up to the entities said to haunt Double Eagle. With paper and pens in hand, we each jotted down our impressions. Some of us have had previous experiences as well (labeled “previous visit”).

Dorothy Webb:

  • Female energy. Stern, disapproving. Makes me uncomfortable, like I did something I shouldn’t have. Didn’t use correct etiquette while eating. Carlotta?
  • Shadow in corner by ceiling.
  • Lights seem to flicker, as if they were real flame; pulsing.
  • Why is female angry?
  • Lightening flashes (energy surges?) at top of painting.

Previous Visit:
Several months ago, I was having lunch with a friend. It was a Sunday and went to have lunch at several places, but they were closed. By the time we got here, we were very hungry. My focus was on food and after I ordered, I was distracted by the people walking by because of their dress. A man in dirty clothes, rough; a woman in a big hat. I thought an organization was having a meeting. My friend saw that I was distracted and asked me to describe the couple and she couldn’t see them.

Trish Hall:

  • The room feels heavy to me, not the air, just the energy in the room.
  • While pointing the Flip at the large picture with the lady and the dog, the background to the lady’s left seemed to have a ripple movement to it (maybe the light above the table).
  • A wave of sadness went through me.
  • Sitting in the corner chair (west/south side) – my heart started racing; could feel it throbbing; uneasy feeling. Breathing slowed, heavy chest.
  • Feelings eased.
  • Heart racing after asking “Are you uncomfortable with us being here?” {asked verbally}.
  • Increased pain in my lower chest – heavy.
  • Stabbing pain below ribs – had to leave room – went out to re-shield.

Peter Perkins:

  • Felt a cool breeze; checked and there was an air conditioner vent above; though the a/c was not on.
  • Felt presence behind one of us in the corner of the room by a chair.
  • Re-shielded – felt vision go unfocused briefly.
  • Felt bed on opposite of entry door.
  • Heard footsteps and restaurant sounds got quiet.
  • Two presences briefly felt by entrance to room.
  • Strange smell throughout {metaphysically}
  • Impression – brown haired young man, clean shaven, 20-30’s, dark gray top.
  • Female presence felt well outside of room, moving.
  • Trish asked if you were okay that we were here. I felt the response with them (multiple) being ok with it.
  • Man standing from back chair in corner of room.

Collette Wallace:

  • Stood up to take photos; felt like the pressure in the room changed. Became heavy; harder to breathe, light headed; coming in around me towards the chest, like changing elevations.
  • Started feeling the beginning of a tension headache.
  • Closed eyes to pick up a feeling or image(s). My eyes began spinning in circles; mildly dizzy, anxiety.
  • Became aware of lights slightly and continuously flickering.
  • Felt draw to sit in corner chair, green.
  • Felt confused, can’t concentrate – been going on for about 15 minutes. Still hard of breathing – just shielded again.
  • The entire time: drawn to the chandelier; painting on the left {large painting with dog}; eyes of paintings on right {portraits, male and female} – drawn also to mirrors.

Jan Toomer:

  • Rooms on right when you enter and head to Carlotta Salon. Pink room: a woman, long dress with light bustle, holding a fluted glass – soft gentle laughter – sounds of glasses touching – hosting a gathering/event/party.
  • At bar: A ‘cowboy’ with handle bar mustache leaning on bar – right foot lifted and resting on foot rail.
  • Less ‘formed’ cowboys also at bar.
  • A saloon girl in Peppers area; dirty white and red dress; she is very upbeat and happy at the people in the restaurant. (Out of place there).
  • Voices in second room down (from entry of restaurant) – men talking low – have sense of many men – gathered like former days of a gentlemen’s room.
  • Carlotta Salon:
  • Tiny woman, no fancy clothing; dress to slightly below the knees, sitting on the far corner chair (catty-cornered from door) – doing something with hands – motions similar to knitting. Have sense that she is watching room visitors to make sure they (we) behave properly.
  • I had left the room and came back to find Trish sitting in the corner chair – with woman still sitting in same chair. Woman in chair is not bothered by Trish – will Trish sense her?
  • Sensed three people (constant) in the room – two males and one female. One male said “Peter”. I pointed to Peter and said yes, that’s Peter. He said, “No” and motioned that he wasn’t talking about Peter, he was telling me his own name began with “P”.
  • A man standing behind chair (on R side of room when you enter) – aware of us, and aware that we are ‘noticing’ him.
  • The portrait with lady with dog – the dog is not happy and doesn’t want to be either with her, or sitting for painting. Dog energy is still around, and not happy. Dog not hers (from portrait) or not happy with her/not wanting to be with her.
  • The two overstuffed chairs and both mirrors are important for this room (Room used to be a bedroom? Have sense it was for sleeping) energy-wise. Possibly original to the house.

Previous Visit:
My first visit to Old Mesilla was with my husband and a friend. Walking through the plaza, I saw a lot of ‘goings-on’ from another time. I concentrated on taking in the sites of ‘now’.

We had entered Double Eagle for lunch. I had great food and surprising background (other sight) entertainment.

Seated in Peppers Café, I heard to my left, soft conversation, the tinkling of glasses and occasional laughter…coming from an empty room (doors were open and I could see the entire room from where I sat).

On the way to the restroom, I walked past the bar and realized that it had two layers of patrons; some obviously belonging to “now” – others from another time.

I entered the ladies room, the door closing behind me. I stopped mid-stride and swung around to face the now closed door and a cowboy leaning on the door. Arms crossed, left leg crossed over the right at the ankles; a very relaxed pose. He had a long-sided mustache, dusty worn pants and worn boots.

I told him that it was impolite for him to enter the ladies room – and that he needed to leave this area now; if he wanted to talk to me, he could do that after I left this room. I did not sense negativity in any form from him – just a light amusement.

A gentle smirk played on his lips; he nodded once, turned and went through the door.

Our last participant:

  • Very faint reflection in the rectangular mirror over the fireplace – reflection was behind the angel – very brief – not able to determine male or female.
  • Reflection not in the mirror now. (Did not even see the second mirror until someone else pointed it out).
  • While you {Jan} were talking about your bunny, there was a pink light behind your chair.
  • There is a shadow – continuous – in the corner to the left of the fireplace – standing, not sitting in the chair – male energy
  • Little white dog in the painting is sad – dog does not want to be with the woman – dog may belong to someone else.
  • Corner shadow not visible in the corner mirror that is diagonal to the shadow corner.
  • When Collette was talking about feeling heavy in her chest, my chest felt lighter.
  • I sat in the chair in the corner to the left of the rectangular mirror – the corner where I ‘see’ the shadow – felt cold spot on back of my neck – felt a connection with the shadow, from a past life – close relationship ended because one of us died (me?). I felt very sad, tears!


Note: after physically writing the article, I visited http://www.double-eagle-mesilla.com/history/ghost-story/ and read that Carlotta’s Salon used to be Armando’s bedroom.

Each sensitive perceives his/her own way. I highly recommend shielding; observing and not absorbing; and re-shielding before leaving the area.

At the conclusion of a visit, I will ask if anyone wants to cross-over, and will call down the Light to help any who wish to cross over.

No one at Double Eagle took me up on this offer.

The staff at Double Eagle Restaurant are warm and friendly; the atmosphere inviting and comfortable and the food (so many choices!) was fantastic.

And I thank them for our wonderful visit!

Whether you are a sensitive or not – make sure you stop by Double Eagle Restaurant for the food and atmosphere!

2355 Calle De Guadalupe, Mesilla, NM 88046
PO Box 905, Las Cruces, NM 88004

For Reservations or information, call 575-523-6700.


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