Physical Manifestation of Your Life Mirroring Your Internal Self

Years ago, if/when I stayed in emotional distress or turmoil, the turmoil it would begin manifesting in my physical reality.


  • If I got angry, electrical/electronic items around me would spazz or sputter and die.
  • If I was in emotional turmoil, things began to happened that were water-related. In the 80’s, it was my bathroom flooding; upstairs neighbor overflowing their bathtub, causing it to “rain” in my apartment; next door neighbors washing machine backed up into my apartment, etc.

Now-a-days, I may knock over a glass of water if I have emotional turmoil.

Point being, the inner imbalance overflowed to my external world.

I recently had a gallbladder attack. I take responsibility…I had ignored the warning signs and so eating a cup of broccoli sent me over.

While I was busy ignoring the building up of the warning signs, my toilet went on the fritz. Hubby replaced the flapper valve and all seemed fine…for a while.

I continued to ignore; ate something I shouldn’t have; the toilet quit working. Hubby discovered the arm had broken; he replaced it.

Had attack that night; this affects basically the whole digestive system – my internal plumbing.

I am not saying that every imbalance you experience physically is mirroring your internal physical/emotional turmoil or imbalance.

Or is it? It certainly wouldn’t hurt to take a step back and look…right?

Manifesting All Over the Place

Because of our energy, Mother Earth’s energy and the dimensional lifting, our thoughts are becoming reality more quickly than before.

The universe/energy works very hard to create and manifest what is in your thoughts; fantasy and reality, as far as energy is concerned, are the same.

Our thoughts are the input into the universal computer – and the universal computer takes that input and puts into action to put that information into your physical reality. The catch? Well, there’s more than one.

  • Your “input” is taken literally, and once the universe receives that command, it implements it…even if that’s not what you meant.
  • You will have to deal with your manifestation; you created it, you deal with it.
  • You are being held responsible for any and all imbalances you have created.

The universe has been working to show each of us – including any warnings or “heads up” – what it is we are creating and manifesting.

How is it Showing Us?

Some ways may be:

Symbolism. (My example of the water [emotions] and the example of the gallbladder/digestion and toilet malfunction.)

Animals/Pets. Some pets try to mirror to you or other family members when there is an imbalance. Acting out or actually behaving in the manner as the person with the energy imbalance is behaving.

People. If someone gets on your nerves or rubs you the wrong way, it could be that they are showing you something about yourself that you don’t like and perhaps still lingers within you.

Being Mindful

Being mindful includes paying attention to your thoughts and creations.

It means watching putting energy into those little flittering thoughts, or big thoughts. The more energy you invest in being angry/hateful, the more the universe works to bring more of the same frequency to you.

Work to drop the “what if’s” from your mental self talk. Again, the more energy you put into those fears/thoughts, the more you are helping to make them real.

By paying attention to your thoughts and noticing your symbolisms and/or warnings, you may help in keeping those inner imbalances from overflowing.

by Jan Toomer



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