by Jan Toomer

This shift, now into day three for me, has been a bit different.


  • Crankiness/less tolerant of negative energies or behaviors
  • A buzz or hum in head area (not physical); for me, signifying downloading and receiving massive information into my energy field.
  • Pulling in and not wanting to be around many people; feels like I am a bit “raw” or “chapped”.
  • Tired and sleeping deeply.
  • Wanting to expand more.

When I checked in with my team/guides, I asked them to give me a visual of what was transpiring; the following is what I saw.

Ever see the movies/shows of a human morphing into a werewolf (using as an example – no, I am not a werewolf) – where the body becomes misshapen; stretching, trying to break free of the human shape?

That’s what I saw – I saw me trying to break out of the 3-D form and get into my more expanded energy form.

My body/energy is adjusting to the newer energies.

My recommendation is to patiently hold the Light within and allow your body and energy to work through this “upgrade”.

(As always – if there are physical or mental health issues, please contact your health care physician.)

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