by Linda Aragon
Holistic Life Coach

Before you came to Earth, be aware that you participated in the creation of many of the challenges that you would be facing. Why?  The concept of growth is often a great focus for those seeking evolution.   That measurement of growth and being aware of it is essential to the maturity of one’s soul.  The linear offers this at a very dense level.  In Earth’s complicated density, it is easy to get caught up in drama, confused about why you are in this reality at this time.  You are always a contributor to the drama in your life.  Being a victim is a choice.  By owning your involvement, it empowers you to have a say in how it all unfolds.

All who participate in the linear experience will have moments where it feels overwhelming.   The younger soul complains, “This is just too hard”.  The older soul contemplates, “Why did I come here”?  As one does evolve, one is more easily able to rise above the dramas of life.  Be the one who responds immediately to the whispers of the soul.  Turn down the volume of the chaos so that you may hear it. Simply step back and seek the lesson.  Your challenges do pass and they will pass much more quickly if you are able to do this.

Feel your growth spiritually.  It may be just enough encouragement you need to continue forward towards the next plateau of evolution. Chaotic energy can distract you and enmesh you in the dramas.  It takes diligence to decide that a garden of calm would serve you better.

All your experiences are created by the self, to become more aware.  Awareness is the precursor to change.  Stay in harmony with the joy of life.  Like attracts like; if you feel defeated, you will be.  If you keep your thoughts positive and joy in your heart, the negative will recede.  Decide to be in control of your reality.  There are no victims, only those who have given up their power.

Stop each day to appreciate being here. Find a simple moment and focus on gratitude and appreciation.  Though your journey may be challenging at times, this opportunity for soul growth is a gift.

Watch yourself this day. Observe moment to moment.  Where is your focus?  What are your thoughts?  Is this what I’ve come to Earth to experience?  How can I participate in a positive outcome?  Each day, determine your path to your own evolvement.

Physical experience is a multi-dimensional experience encompassing many levels of creation.  It is a learning experience which does have importance and stays with the soul along its path of evolution.  You’re not going to do it perfectly so be easy on yourself.  It is a journey. By starting to contemplate this nature of reality, one can begin to resolve issues in your current life.  As there is much more occurring than just this life, consider this to readjust your perspective.

Today, ask yourself:  How am I doing?  Honestly answer. Then seek remedy for anything that is unbalanced.  Make the journey with your eyes and heart open.  It is important to be clear about who you are and what you are doing in this particular time fragment.  There is a reason you are who you are in this life.  Take the time to recover what that is, your intentions and your identity.

At the end of this life, as the days grow dim, what will remain is the vibration of your heart, as it remembers the love.

Linda Aragon – Holistic Life Coach – / Aragon77@


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