by Jan Toomer

We are each experiencing death and growth, and in varying degrees from new skin cells to losing eyelashes to the death of old beliefs and/or ideals – to new growth of the same; lifetimes within lifetimes.

The infant you gave way to the toddler you – and you no longer look, think, or act/behave as you did then.

The toddler, in turn, gave way to the pre-teen, teen, young adult, etc. you.

I am not only talking about physical growth stages; I am also talking about (sometimes major) life events that helped shape the you that you are today.

You are not the same person you were, say, ten years ago.

Sometimes we can look back and see (isn’t hindsight great?) some of those pivotal points in this lifetime where you, in essence, let a part of your persona die and you grew from the experience.

One Step Further

Let’s go one step further.

Time is not linear so we are living our past lives and future lives (for those who believe in reincarnation) simultaneously with our now current life.

So to recap: we’ve had several lifetimes within this current life…and we have our past and future lives all happening now.

No wonder we sometimes feel like we are juggling a lot or maybe feel a bit overwhelmed.

Getting Back on Track

The past articles – posted on this site (2008 through 2011) – on clearing self so that we can each continue to raise our individual vibrations – had talked about what steps you could take to heal and clear your past…and those steps offered were to help aid you in clearing all of your lives.

Current past, past and future.

And we are absolutely capable of doing this! Aren’t we amazing beings!

So if you’ve not begun the clearing, forgiving, releasing, etc. perhaps you need to seriously consider starting.

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