We are all feeling the effects of time speeding up. We are tired, irritable, worried, stressed and sometimes don’t know if we are coming or going.

And we are tired of watching others around us be greedy, angry, selfish, harming others and themselves, and in general, all the negativity humans are creating.

I think of this as “light-workers syndrome”. (Not a medical condition – just my term).

There was a time when I was angry at the world – how can people NOT see what they are doing to each other, the animals and the earth. I was angry at the ignorance, blindness and lack of caring and compassion. Why can’t they see? Why can’t everyone be more like me!!!?Yep, “light-workers syndrome”; somewhere, sometime, I had lost compassion.

After a very difficult period in my family’s life, I felt completely wrung out. Caring was beginning to hurt too much.

My doctor told me that if I didn’t do something drastic immediately, my heart was going to become a painful and major problem for me – it was in bad trouble. I was in trouble.
I hit the bottom of the emotional barrel, and wanted to turn my back on the world and walk away. No more.

I withdrew, went within and became quiet. I needed to change. I needed to heal. I was becoming what so irritated me with others.

Then it hit me. Who was I to tell someone else how to live their life? Who was I to judge someone else? What right did I have to want others to feel and experience like me? Who did I think I was?!

I was judging others and I had no right.

Everyone is exactly where they need to be at that exact moment. I had to work through my life lessons, and everyone else has to work through theirs.

With that realization, came an inner peace. I fought against it at first; it wasn’t my most recent “norm”. I kept reminding myself that everyone has the right to ‘be’, without my interference.
As hard as it was in the beginning, I let others ‘be’. I didn’t butt in; didn’t offer a “better way of doing”; I sat, watched, prayed, and waited.

And you know what? The world didn’t fall apart!

My healing had begun.

For those experiencing “light-workers syndrome”, I can share with you what I did to start re-balancing myself. Maybe it will help you too.

I began with doing something physical; something that required physical activity and concentration, preferably something outside (to have closer contact with Mother Earth). Some ideas may be: gardening; hiking; walking; or playing ball with the dog.

After that, I shielded. (Removed negativity attached to me and/or my energy field; bubble in bright white light and affirm it).

Then I visualized a column of bright white light coming down into the top of my head, and continuing down my body; down through both legs; out of the bottom of my feet and drove the white light deep into the earth. I was then connected to the higher aspects AND grounded; balanced.

And I allowed, and continue to allow, others to ‘be’ and work through their life lessons; to experience and to grow.

And I wish every human happiness, balance and peace.

By Jan Toomer
September 17, 2008




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