We have discussed this topic before (The Universe Takes Everything Literal), but the team would like to address it again.

don Miguel Ruiz – author of The Four Agreements – had written that we need to “communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings…”

Agreed. But there is more to it.

Practice, Permit, License

When you want to get a driver’s license in the US, you have to be a certain age to first get your learner’s permit.

You have to learn the “rules” for driving.

You then have to practice driving, with a licensed driver beside you.

After you have fulfilled your mandated practice hours, you go for your driver’s test…written and driving.

If you pass, you become a licensed driver.

Does that mean you’ll never make a mistake or have an accident? No, but as each day, month, year, etc. that goes by, the driver does become more experienced – not error-proof – just more experienced.

We have been in training, with our team/guides and some teachers, to learn and prepare for our solo driving.

Some are already solo driving; some are only at the permit stage; and some aren’t even ready to begin the process yet.

Literally Speaking

We’ve been practicing speaking to be more literal – being clear and concise; saying exactly what we mean and not leaving any part out so that others might have to guess or assume to fill in the blanks. Some have worked on dropping slang – which is not as easy as it may sound.

Speaking clear, concise and literal has been, in essence, our permitted driving. Practicing, preparing to become “licensed” drivers – or rather, more experienced creators.

We each, when we are ready, reach the point of free-style creating – aka solo driving.

The Universe takes everything literally and is compelled to put into creation what you are wanting to create – for better or worse.

So when I speak, I work hard to speak the details so you (hopefully) know exactly what I am talking about and nothing is left open so that one has to assume or fill in the blanks.

I still use analogies and/or stories to make a point, but will come back and use my words to be specific. Of course, a work in progress.

If we can learn to speak in a literal manner to one another, we would be, at the same time, programming our thoughts to be clear and concise.

And this brings us closer to creating our reality with more conscious intended details.

by Jan Toomer


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