‘Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven’ by Suzanne Ward. (C) Suzanne Ward 2001, Published by Matthew Books, ISBN 0-9717875-1-4.

Review by Peter Perkins

This book is one in which Suzanne Ward channels her deceased son Matthew’s spirit.

It is a series of question and answers in which she asks him questions about the accident that caused his death, which he described as part of his soul contract. Through his experiences between lives, he describes a realm called Haven which he says may be where people got the term heaven from.

The question and answer sessions between mother and son are clear and well explained. Often one question leading to others. So many different topics are covered in these question and answer sessions that one can easily find something within for their own knowledge, or verification.

I myself found a lot of verification on life between lives. The manifestation of matter. The thought of different vibrational dimensions existing within the same space and many other topics.

As a book on channeling it could stand alone. Yet it also holds many things that people may be curious about. Do animals have souls? Do pets join us in the afterlife? What is there to do in the afterlife realm?

If you have had experiences yourself and seek some kind of verification this book may be what you are looking for. It is also a good book for those who are curious about other realms and feel more comfortable hearing it from the spirit of a young man who had lived as one of us as opposed to other books where entities are channeled that have never been human.

I highly recommend this book to any interested in channeling, life after death or with a curiosity in the spiritual realms.

Thank you Peter!

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