You come to me
in your dreams –
seeking solace
from your torments.

Your frustrations, fears
and loneliness
ripple across
the dimensions.

Your tears spill
on my floor.

And I can only offer
a soft palliative.
I cannot take this
pain from you,

For it is of your
own making.

Only when you
awaken to your
truth and release
past patterns…

…will your healing

May you be guided
from your

And may Light
pave your way.

* * *

This poem or prose talks about the times those in distress may energetically (or astrally) visit me or someone who aided them in the past.

Embarrassment or ashamed (for whatever reason), fear of rejection (again, for whatever reason), depression, or fear in general may be some of the reasons why they seek one out astrally instead of physically.

We can’t take anothers pain for them, nor can we make the changes for them; we can offer suggestions or support for their journey.

by Jan Toomer


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