I have been asked to discuss more on Animal totems – not the one(s) we are born with, but the ones that enter throughout our life to bring time appropriate messages.

There are a few ways to receive messages from daily (as opposed to lifetime) totems; some suggestions are:

  1. Animal Communication – ask the animal yourself. This is accomplished by first Shielding; stilling yourself and communicate with the animal using emotions and/or mind pictures (this is how animals communicate). Even curiosity carries a feeling. Can you recall the feeling curiosity feels like?
  2. Watch, Observe and Learn – What are the animal’s strengths? Weaknesses? Habits? Talents? How can any of this be applied to your life at that moment?
  3. Look Them Up As They Cross Your Path – This past week, I made an effort to record the critters that came by and share with you one of the ways I interpret the animal totem message. I use Ted Andrews’ books (“Animal-Speak” and “Animal-Wise”) for quick interpretations of the messages. I read the appropriate animal entry, while being honest with myself – and see what is appropriate for me at that time.

This week I had:

A Horned Toad – reminds me, as I become more sensitive, to express my emotions in an appropriate manner.

Walking Stick – focuses on patience and camouflage. Reminds me to wait for the universe to line things up for me (no instant gratification! Ha) – and to not show everyone, basically, what I am up to until it is ready to be revealed.

Toad – reminds me to draw upon what is within; utilize my untapped resources.

Lizard – psychic awareness is heightened (or will soon be) and needing to listen to my own self.


For those of you who do not yet sense/feel/see your guides, guardians, etc. – please know that messages will come to you through many different avenues. Here is but a small sampling of how messages can come to you:

  • A scent / smell (usually from your past)
  • A song
  • A friend
  • A book
  • An article
  • A flower
  • Animal totems
  • And many more ways!

You just need to pay attention / be aware of what is being presented to you.

by Jan Toomer




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