Sandwiched between a night of wonderful, peaceful rest – and the anticipation of the new day’s adventures – is waking up cranky, frustrated, angry or annoyed…every morning lately.

I’ve the morning grumps.

And it sucks crunchy peanut butter.

The focus of these unpleasant morning awakenings are past memories or “dreams” of scenarios that I have experienced (but the dream wasn’t my actual experience; rather, it was similar emotions to past experiences I have had).

I explored this phenomenon to find out why this was happening.

Yep, you got it…still purging.

Remember, we’ve two base emotions? Love and fear. I can tell you that the morning grumps are not based in love.

To me, this means that I am still working on some stuffed-inside energies of old. Argh.

Every time I go through a purging, I come out the other side feeling lighter and cleaner. Then I get a short time off, followed by another round of purging in one form or another.

I know it’s necessary, but dang!

Resolve the Grumps

I will not get out of bed until I work through the mornings’ grump. Seriously. I don’t’ want to carry that through my day. I want to face it, forgive it, heal it and release it.

I’d even set my alarm earlier to give me the time needed for me to clear this.

For me, I feel if I don’t address it right then and there, it will come up again. And I’m in this situation because I suppressed, ignored or shoved those emotions or feelings aside many years ago.

I will keep going until I am completely free and clear…however long it takes me.

by Jan Toomer


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