My Descent Into Death: A Second Chance at Life by Howard Storm. (C) 2005, Doubleday. ISBN 0-385-51376-3.

Storm began his story in Paris with his wife – in a group tour in Europe.

It’s in Paris that Storm becomes ill – a perforated stomach – which lands him in a Paris hospital, and where his illness remained untreated for many hours. Storm said he died while awaiting treatment, and then descended into the ‘gateway’ of hell. After some terrifying experiences there, Storm heard a voice which told him to “Pray to God”.

When he did, he was lifted up and brought to the other side where he began his fascinating journey with Jesus and angels.

Storm asked questions, learned and grew on the other side…and when it was time, he went back to his body.

This is Storm’s re-telling of that experience, as well as what happened after he ‘came back’.

Storm’s experiences led him to become an ordained minister; at the time of this book’s release, he was a pastor at Zion United Church of Christ.

A more religious view on a return from an NDE.

This was a good book, and can recommend it for all levels.

by Jan Toomer



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