Bevy of Supporters

We are with you – always – and are so proud of you.

Each of you has a bevy of supporters on the other side. Some may sense us; other may not – but we are with you regardless.


Each of you hand picked your life team (guide) members. Life team members have been with you through out your current lifetime and will stay with you until you cross over again.

You chose them and asked them to watch over and guide you when you begin to stray from your path.

They can never force you to do anything; they can only nudge you.

You have free will and can choose to ignore their advice, urging or nudging. However, ignoring them kind of defeats their purpose in your life. When you choose to stray, your teams offers nudges to get you back on track and are on stand-by for when you are ready to ask for their help.

Ancestors, Deceased Friends and Acquaintances

Ancestors can be from your genetic (blood) line, and/or from your preferred planet. It may or may not be anyone from your current conscious memory, but can be from cellular memory as well as soul memory.

Friends who have crossed over may wish to support you from the Others Side. These can be friends from anytime from this lifetime (preschool, playground, kindergarten on up),and can be from other lifetime’s you’ve had.


This can be anyone you had impacted, even if they are/were a stranger to you.

A smile, kind word or act, etc. can instantly change another’s life, and you were never aware of what you’d done. They might join your team for a brief time or for the duration.

What Do They All Have in Common?

Unconditional love for you, and a desire to support you through not only your own soul growth journey, but to support your soul’s plan in aiding others.

A Note From Jan: I’ve tried to imbue this article with the flood of love that came from the “speaker” so that it could be shared with every one who reads this. The unconditional love is for each and every one of us.


Channeled by Jan Toomer


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