We are in a place that we are being asked these questions, or we are asking our
selves these questions.

  • What is it you want?
  • Is your hobby or career making your soul feel fulfilled?
  • What is calling to you or for you?

After my hand surgery in December, followed by physical therapy in January, I was in a hiatus; drifting peacefully, then…

“What is it you want?”

That’s a pretty general question, and for good reason. It’s to help each of us defined what the question means to us at the time that it is being asked.

For me, it was asking if I felt that my soul (not ego) was fulfilled. Did I want to continue my work? Did I want to change my work? Or perhaps add to it or expand it?

This is not the first time I’ve been asked – and probably won’t be the last time.

Not Set in Stone

Our life, careers and goals are not set in stone.

We are writing, editing, and creating our reality moment by moment, thought by thought and action by action.

Every now and again, we are asked what we want. A chance to review one’s life.

What’s so great about that is we have the power to change our path or direction – to seek out what aids our soul in growth and fulfills its desire to help others and/or be of service.

What is it you want?


by Jan Toomer


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