Two weeks ago I excitedly drove up to the new metaphysical store in Las Cruces – the Metaphysical Life Enrichment Center.

I opened my senses as I walked through the door…and was not disappointed. I could feel the hum of the minerals and could sense the smooth energy flow of peace and calm; very nice.

I met the owner, Joan Burnett – who, after introductions – gave me a tour of the center, including the office where she does regressions.

While the energy in the center was wonderful, the energy in the office was breathtaking.

My guides popped a mind-picture of me in Joan’s office, having a past life regression – subtle, eh? Ha.

The minerals called to me (and yes, quite a few were purchased and came home with me); I then scheduled a past life regression session for the following week.

My appointment time arrived, and I sat in Joan’s office. I had come to the regression session with no expectations as to what I needed to see and/or learn – but was very curious as to what would transpire.

When I first entered the office, I ‘saw’ my guides, and Joan’s guides, and a few other non-physicals who had come to the past life regression. They were all welcome, and I enjoyed their energy there.

After going through the relaxation (induction – mild form of hypnosis – for a generalized explanation of past life regression process, click here), which leaves the client very relaxed physically, though mentally aware – the regression began.

Joan’s soothing voice helped to guide me through a visualization of where/when I needed to go for information to be presented to me for this time in my life (your subconscious/higher self/ guides assists in directing you to a scene and/or memory).

It was a good session. Afterwards, I briefly processed what I had learned from it. For this regression, for ME, I learned that “you cannot protect others (adults) from themselves.” For this point in my life, this was an important-to-me insight.

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Center is closed.

by Jan Toomer





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