Psychic Communication with Animals for Health and Healing by Laila del Monte. English, © 2001, Bear and Company. ISBN 978-1-59143-100-8.

Laila del Monte, a flamenco dancer, has become an animal communicator and healer.

In her book, she relates some experiences with animals and their guardians (she does not use the word ‘owner’; she wrote,”…I feel that animals do not belong to us…” – pg.xiii); a bit of their stories and how she was able – or in some circumstances, unable – to help.

Laila introduces the readers to “spirit doctors” who guide/assist from beyond.

The author describes how communication is accomplished through mental pictures and emotions, which she then works to translate to words to share them with the guardians.

She also discusses how animals come into our lives to teach and/or support us – and provides examples stories.

Favorite Passage:

“Your attitude today is creating your tomorrow.” p. 117.

I really enjoyed this book, and recommend it for pet “guardians” and those who are interested in animal communication.

Review by Jan Toomer





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