I have been asked a lot of questions about past life regressions. I have listed the most asked questions below, and have answered them from my energy perspective. My view, or my personal experiences, are not necessarily typical.

Q: Shouldn’t the past be left alone? It’s done and over with, so why explore it?

A: The past is not always “done & over with”. Traumas – whether from this lifetime, or past lifetimes – can sometimes interfere with our “here & now”. Phobias, fears, and some relationships frustrations, and possibly even roots of an unexplained (by medical practitioners) health issue can sometimes be found – and in some cases, resolved – through past life regressions. My earliest (first) past life regression (here) had explained a lot to me about an unbalanced relationship with a major figure in my life at the time. For me, it brought some clarity so that I could begin a healing process.

Q: I don’t believe in past lives, so a past life regression won’t help me, right?

A: Not necessarily correct. Many regressionists (also called ‘hypnotists’) have found that it didn’t matter if there client believed in past lives or not; they were still assisted by the regression.

Q: So when I go for a past life regression with a specific issue or imbalance in mind, then that’s where/when I will be directed to go to get an insight about it?

A: Not guaranteed. Normally, the past life regressionist directs you to go where you need to go – your subconscious/higher self/guides will direct you to where you, the soul you, needs information; not where you, the physical you, wants to go.

Q: This is hypnosis, right? I don’t want to be hypnotized. It’s scary and I have to give up control to someone else.

A: You do need to feel comfortable with the person you are considering for regressions. If you aren’t comfortable with that person, then move on and find another. Check credentials, ask around to talk to others who have experienced this regressionist; check with Better Business Bureau (can do it online) to see if any complaints were lodged, etc. This is hypnosis, but in most cases, you are physically relaxed, but mentally alert. You are still aware of your surroundings and you can pull yourself out if you want to. Pulling yourself out of hypnosis can make you feel a bit wobbly – so it is recommended that if you want to come out of it, you tell your regressionist to count up for you; it’s more gentle on you. The hypnosis process involves relaxed breathing and visualization which the regressionist talks you through.

Q: Will I remember the past life regression?

A: I personally remember each of my past life regressions, but will say – like a dream – the details fade over time. I do clearly remember the gist, lesson and reason for each regression. Most past life regressionists will include an audio tape/CD of your sessions. Ask about this before your appointment. If the regressionist is not equipped to tape, ask if you can bring your own recorder. This usually is not a problem.

Q: Will I become obsessed with my past life/lives?

A: Gosh, I hope not! I mentioned about the regression details, for me, faded like a dream memory. I feel that after I received the insight needed from the regression has been obtained, I move forward from there; I’ve no reason to dwell, or obsess, on it. What matters is what you are doing in this lifetime. A past life regression is a tool; not an escape or excuse for current lifetime responsibilities.

Q: Will I need to keep coming back for past life regressions?

A: I have had four past life regression sessions in my life (and one of those was on the phone, hopping through lifetimes to find the root life cause of my asthma).   I have found, for me, past life regressionists, or past life regression opportunities happen to merge in my life path when I may need to stop and do some digging. Again, it’s a tool. I feel a person will be drawn to it if and when it will help them at that time.

Q: So what’s the whole process like?

A: I am giving a generalized description:

You set an appointment for a regression. There will be paperwork to be done before the regression. The amount of paperwork depends on the regressionist.

It’s preferable to wear comfortable clothing.

When it’s time, you will semi-recline or recline. The regressionist usually has a blanket handy if you want it; soft music may be playing in the background and lights are often slightly dimmed.

Once you’re comfortable, the regressionist will talk you through a relaxation visualization and into (normally light) hypnosis.

You then be directed to go back to a past life. The regressionist will ask you focus questions and will ask you describe what you are seeing /hearing /experiencing, etc.

When you are done, the regressionist will count you up, which means – usually using number counting – take you out of the hypnotic state.

by Jan Toomer



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