What does it mean to be of silent strength and a cautious nature?

(If you’re a Ninja this phrase takes on a whole other connotation but has some similarities.)

For a “no filters” gal like me, it meant learning to think before I spoke and many times not speaking at all. As you can imagine, these days people are careful what they ask me because I don’t filter like I used to. (*grin*)

Is it because of age or lack of “don’t care?” Not really. I just find that we spend way too much time doing the dance that leads to Nowhere Ave. and Confusion Street. Unfortunately not everyone shares an appreciation for the direct approach. (Thus requiring me to keep my mouth shut and “be of a cautious nature.”)

As individuals we have to get past some of the sensitivities in order to make progress and actually look at ourselves objectively. It’s all too easy to hide behind the “I’m offended” routine instead of trying to figure out why something offends us. Ten to one says we are offended because that something hits a nerve that we just don’t want to deal with or we are not comfortable doing anything outside of the crowd norms.

It’s easier to judge others than look at ourselves. We often don’t like what we see in the mirror and aren’t really sure how to change. Instead, we pacify and find all kinds of distractions to avoid the inner self rather than doing the real work of learning to be comfortable with ourselves. (I’m raising my hand here for past infractions.)

On the surface of me, you’ll find that the silent strength is a combination of patience, restraint, stick to and thoughtfulness. It is not an “in your face” attitude. Nor is it the emotional knee-jerk reactions you witness from others.

My cautious nature is the result of trust issues and not wishing to inflict harm on others by being too blunt or collecting them up in my own tornadoes. Sometimes it is silence in order to protect others from true harm (not to be confused with responsibility.)

When you actually dig to the center you will find that I am at home with my own solitude. I can be alone and fulfilled without requiring outside validation. I can just “be” and enjoy the flows of energy around me without the noises of technology.

I have no need of being part of the crowd or requiring a partner or stuff to validate me or make me content. The people in my life are there because I enjoy them and want them there, not because I need them there. I can stand alone or with others as is my preference. I am not lonely for I always have myself, I can always trust myself, and I control the access to myself.

I am at home with myself.

I am mastering myself.

I am never truly alone.

I am a quiet warrior.

by Dragon Spirit


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