by Jan Toomer

This is a partial Discussion from the “Undefined Reality” course:

Before we entered into this life, we chose every aspect of what we wanted and/or needed to experience here. This includes what sex and appearance of that physical body; what disabilities, handicaps; what abilities to bring into this life as well as when these would show up; what life lessons to accomplish; who will be in our lives (including the rude person in the store who cuts in front of you), etc.

Each life is created separately. We choose if we want to be male or female. We have been both throughout our experiences. Some prefer one sex over another, but most will experience both. Those who do not experience both? Chances are they quit reincarnating and had decided to assist from the other side.

If you ask me “Do I have any past lives?” I will answer, “Absolutely!” That is my belief.

If you look skeptical, I will probably recommend that you find a certified hypnotherapist/counselor that has past life regression abilities – and when you find one, make sure you are completely comfortable with working with that individual. Then you can decide for yourself.

Now, let’s say you did that – and went through a regression. Chances are pretty good that that regression either showed you something that you had been dreaming of for years; or it will explain a relationship problem, or blockage in your life.

There are, however, some who got diddly. Does that mean they didn’t have any past lives? I don’t think so – I think it means that the person wasn’t ready yet. And that is okay.

Do you remember dreams? Many past lives can be remembered via dream state. Ever have a dream, where in the dream, you knew you were interacting with, for example, your mom, but he didn’t look like Mom looks like now? Or dream about your banker, yet he didn’t look like he does now? These are clues to past lives, and connections we had in past lives which we can also see in this life – though not always in the same relationships.

Ever meet someone (or just see someone) for the first time and – before they even open their mouths – you have an intense and immediate dislike for them? That is usually a past life memory sneaking through – and it wasn’t a positive past experience (survival techniques for humans come in so many forms!).

Ever meet someone (or just see someone) for the first time and you have an immediate and/or intense warmth for that person? Past life sneaking through – this time a more positive experience

Sometimes a person has an aversion, phobia or fear of something, for example: horses. If there cannot be found anything in the current lifetime to warrant that fear, etc., then one may seek a qualified regressionist to find the root. Was it a past life where you were riding a horse, and it fell, and you died? Or perhaps you were shot on horseback? Or somehow one of the last things you remembered was seeing a horse. The list could go on.

Past life information can be very helpful in releasing stuff you are carrying over from a previous lifetime.

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