Someone made the comment along the lines of: “I’ll deal with the consequences in another lifetime. This lifetime? I don’t care – I’m going to do whatever I want.”

I do understand the desire to do whatever you want in this lifetime, and it’s important to set your boundaries and create your life.

It’s also very important to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions and deeds now.

And I’m not too keen on the whole, “I don’t care who I hurt or use to get where I want to be” mentality.

Didn’t that person stop to think?

This is the lifetime to make things right (or balance the scales, balance karma, etc.). This lifetime is when you clear all of your lifetimes…past, present and future.

The reason we are working so hard making things right in this lifetime is because the yin/yang, duality, and reincarnation cycles will cease.

No more dealing with one’s actions in another lifetime.

We are dealing with all of our actions from all of our lifetimes now.

Reincarnation? So Passé

Reincarnation on Earth only happened because humans bought into it.

Some of you may be saying, “I don’t even believe in reincarnation, so I know that statement is wrong.”

Just because this physical manifestation of self doesn’t believe in it, doesn’t mean that your soul doesn’t believe in reincarnation.

Reincarnation was a group consciousness decision or agreement.

Since we are releasing the group consciousness Earth-life decisions, agreements and rules, the reincarnation cycle will cease to be.

Some Hanging On

Yes, there will still be some reincarnating until they take responsibility for their own lives and/or until third dimension Earth ceases to be viable.

And Some Coming to Help

And, if you haven’t already noticed – a lot of youth have been, and are being, born with past life memories and/or memories of their lives on the other side. A lot of the youth today are coming in to help others in their growth.

Why are they coming in with memories intact?

One, the veil of forgetfulness* is not being utilized as much anymore. Yes, some did, and will, use it – but there’s not as much call for a complete veil (though some may still use it as per their soul life-plan). They are coming in “awake” to help the human race.

Second, they are dealing with their past life in this lifetime – so usually the memory or memories intact are the ones they need to deal with.

Stop and Think

So please stop and think. We are dealing with our “later” now…so what are you setting yourself up for by not caring, and taking care of it, today?

_ _ _

* Veil of forgetfulness (simplified) = The erasure of the memories of past lives and of life on the other side in preparation for this life and giving one the opportunity to concentrate only on the current lifetime.

by Jan Toomer


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