by Jan Toomer

This new energy shift has brought some very interesting experiences for me.

With a couple of these experiences, I had an aggressive reaction. This reaction surprised me, and I spent quite a few hours working out why I reacted the way I did.

When I finished, questions were answered and I felt a bit lighter and clearer.

  • The feeling of the emotions that I had stuffed a very long time ago (not necessarily consciously aware of their origins/causes) were “worked loose” from this new wave…kind of like the scraping of the bottom of the barrel.
  • Another look at how my energy is reacting to interactions with others/people; setting up new/additional boundaries where needed.
  • Spending time alone – with self – and more conscious of time with my team. This has allowed me the time to explore, experiment, etc with new energies – work on finding out what harmonizes with my body and what is not harmonious.

The self-exploration continued…

On Thursday, I had received a channeled Spiritual Message from a friend – which addressed some of the current changes occurring in my life right now – and guidance for my future.

By Friday I felt tired and purged…cleared out /emptied and ready to be filled anew.

I got up early Saturday morning to go out and do some trimming. As I opened the patio door to head outside, I discovered a scorpion.

I have lived in the southwest for over 15 years, and I had never seen a scorpion until Saturday (except for the zoo).

So, of course, I had to look up what message the scorpion messenger was bringing my way.

“This is a period of transformation for you, one where you’ll be releasing a lot of toxic habits and a few toxic relationships.” (“Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven Farmer)

How appropriate!

Please don’t ignore what you are experiencing – but don’t let it drive you nuts either. By paying attention to you, your body and your reactions to what is happening to you and around you, you can work to balance and settle your own energies and go through your transitions a bit better.

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