Second Sight by Judith Orloff, M.D. (C) 1996, Warner Books Inc. ISBN 0-446-67335-8.

As a rebellious teenaged daughter of two doctors, Judith drifted in life, angry and restless.

A car accident in 1968 was the turning point. It was during this accident that Judith Orloff was introduced to ‘the tunnel’ where she was ensconced while she watched her physical body inside of a car that had hurled over a cliff.

Judith brings the reader through her life: an unfocused teen; being introduced, and working with Dr. Moss at the Neuropsychiatric Institute; becoming a psychiatrist; and, learning how to integrate her extra-sensory abilities with her psychiatric practice.

She shares in this book her colorful experiences, and how she handled them; and advice for those who do energy work.

For Beginners, it contains a lot of sharing: of fears; letting one’s “psychic cat” out of the bag; and offers suggestions on how to integrate psychic abilities with daily life.

For other levels, it is an exceptionally well written book that can humbly remind you of where you’ve been and where you are now – as well as offering suggestions to help improve what you do now.

I carried this book around with me, reading whenever I had the chance… which means, I really recommend this book.

Review by Jan Toomer




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