Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul’s Journey Through the Worlds Beyond by Cyndi Dale. © 2008, Sounds True, Inc. ISBN 978-1-59179-944-3.

I would like to begin by saying that I love to read, especially metaphysical material.

Because I read so much, and because of my own experiences, it is a treat to come across a book that presents information that not only resonates within me, but teaches me something new.

Such is the case in reading, “Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul’s Journey Through the Worlds Beyond.” So, on to the review…

Opening with questions about death – which most of us have in the back of our mind – Cyndi Dale, a sensitive (multi-talent), moves on to tell the reader a bit about herself.

She also describes how, as a child, she had her first visit to a funeral, and how that started her on her journey to discover the truth about death.

On September 08, 2001, Dale was directed to write a book about what happens after death. This is that book.

Dale walks us, step by step, through what happens to us: when death approaches, during our death, and after our death.

Dale explains energy, light, zero point (don’t worry, they way she writes this, it is easy to understand) and moves towards the Planes of Light.

She describes “Twelve Planes of Light”, and a “Thirteenth Plane” which she describes as the “state of all knowing.”

Her explanations about these Planes seem, to me, to fill in some of the gaps, and explain the differing life-after-death and NDE scenarios that others have written about over the years.

Each Plane has its own chapter. Dale goes step by step through each Plane and explains its purpose; as well as how the planes can be utilized both now and when we die. She also provides the corresponding chakras (based on the 12 chakra system); their location; the metals of light; the minerals/gems associated with each, and the chakra color.

Dale also explains, in depth, the difference between spirit and soul. This is the first time I have come across such a well-defined interpretation.

One of my favorite lines in this book is when she poses the question to the reader, “What excites you the most?” and then explains that our passions carry over after death. How neat!

Overall, I found the explanations, examples and descriptions easy to read and follow – and found that Dale’s writing flows wonderfully.

I thoroughly enjoyed Cyndi Dale’s book, and recommend it for all levels of readers.

Something Extra:

I asked Cyndi the following questions, and here is what she said:

“What one message would you like to share as:
Cyndi, the Lightworker/Multi-talent?”

Love is truly the great healer, seeker, thirst-quencher, and joy-maker, but sinks in– and streams forth– in and from our “weak” rather than “strong” areas. Where we are weak, we need unconditional love. Where others are weak, they need our love. Baseline, we need to stop being ashamed of our wounds and problems, for they generate the need for, and the ability to give forth, grace.

“And as Cyndi, the person?”

Life is more about joy than anything else, but it has to be captured a thought and action at a time. And never in the glamour. Holding just-off-the-press book is great, but not as meaningful as watching my youngest get a home run, or my oldest converse in full sentences (instead of the teenage grunts), or the dog (one of the five animals that run the house) actually sit when I say, “sit.”

More Author Info Please:

Cyndi Dale:
Has training in several healing techniques/styles including, but not limited to – Reiki, energy healing, the Lakota way and therapeutic touch.

Is the President of Life Systems Services – “intuitive-based healing, destiny coaching and corporate consulting”.

Speaks frequently at high profile events.

Holds workshops and seminars.

Has authored seven books, including “Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul’s Journey Through the Worlds Beyond”, (this review) and “Advanced Chakra Healing: Energy Mapping on the Four Pathways”, Crossing Press, 2005. ISBN 1580911617.

Visit Cyndi Dale’s website at:

Review by Jan Toomer



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