Free Distant Energy Healing Sessions

Next Group Distant Energy Healing Session: Thursday, February 22, 2017; 7-7:15pm Mountain Time.

This is a fr’ee Distant Energy Healing Session for anyone who wants to receive the energy. This will be a group session. There will be no communication between you and I. I am not offering or doing interpretations or readings.

You only need to intend to receive Distant Energy Healing on the specified date. One way to intend is to concentrate on the date and time and say – in your mind – that you want to receive the energy offered.

The fr’ee Distant Energy Healing Session dates are announced on the Reality Undefined LLC page page events. You are welcome to click “interested” in the event if you would like, but it is not necessary.

The session time will be 7-7:15pm United States Mountain Time Zone on the scheduled date. (You can search “time zone converter” in your search engine – such as Google — to aid in converting it to your time zone.)

For those of you who do not have Facebook, I will post the date at the top of this page.


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If possible, please lay down or relax during the session time. Please, no driving or operating heavy machinery.

It’s okay to get drowsy or fall asleep.

You can hold intent for those under your care to receive it as well (ages 0-17, those under your guardianship/care and have diminished capacities).

Your pets are welcome to be included – you hold intent on their behalf.

Please keep well hydrated (with water) at least for the next 24 hours following the session.

You do not need to contact me! Just have the intent for you to receive the distant healing energy on the scheduled date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much does this cost? Do I need to pay in advance or buy tickets?

A. FREE. Kostenlos. Gratis. Gratuit. Liber. Ledig.

No tickets, no advanced payments, no money for the free distant sessions.

Q. Why are you offering a fr’ee Distant Energy Healing Sessions?

A. Various reasons, some of which include:
– giving back to the community/to others
– not everyone can afford a paid session
– a great way to experience an energy healing session if you’ve never had one before.

Q. Can I intend for my animal companion to receive the healing too?

A. Yes! You can intend/energetically request for your animal companion(s) to receive it as well. It’s ultimately up to the animal’s higher self/energy self as to whether or not they will accept it — but you are always welcome to request it.

Q. Can I email you afterwards to share my experience?

A. Absolutely! Testimonials are appreciated and will be shared on the Testimonial page. Contact Jan

Q. What if I want a private distant Session?

A. Please visit Healing Sessions and click the contact button to schedule a session.

Q. What happens during a session?

A. (Simplified) I take a moment to balance and center myself. I connect to the Source energy, pull the energy in through me and ask that it be provided to those who wish to receive it. That is when the session begins.

Some people may sense my energy in their space at the session time.

Some people may experience a sense of “whoosh” through their body; some may feel gentle waves; some may experience warmth; some may feel nothing at all and some may get very relaxed or even fall asleep.

Each individual is unique and may experience feeling the energy, have mental imagery, or nothing.

Q. What does this energy healing do?

A. My interpretation/understanding:

The conduit (practitioner) pulls in and send Universal Life (Source) Energy to the client. The client’s body then uses that energy to begin the balancing and healing process. The energy goes where it is needed, which is not determined by me.

I liken it to a kinked water hose. The water flow (energy) is hindered or stuck. The energy helps to unkink the hose so the water (energy) may flow, helping to re-establish energetic balance.

Please Note:


I am a Reiki Master/Instructor Energy Healer, as well as using other energy techniques I’ve learned over the years from my team/guides.

I, Jan Toomer, am not a medical doctor nor a mental health care professional. I do not diagnose, prescribe, cure, heal, treat or prevent diseases. Please seek help from a licensed health care professional for your physical or mental health concerns.

I am a non-therapeutic and non-medical complementary/alternative practitioner and Reiki Master/energy healer.

These services are speculative in nature and I cannot guarantee or make promises that the services will be satisfactory to the client.

By accepting the Distant Session, you are agreeing that you will not hold Jan Toomer liable and that you are solely responsible for any physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or psychological issues that may arise, or that you, or anyone else, may perceive to arise – imaginary, or real.

by Jan Toomer