by Peter Perkins

Recently I had a dream in which I was lying in bed and noticed a shadow passing by a window. As I looked around for it the shadow was suddenly in my room and rushed towards me. The Shadow being actually pushed me back in my bed and tried to get into me.

I woke up and removed the being, encapsulating the being in white light and my angels took them away. I then shielded. I probed my own intuition about this and believe this was a test of some kind. To not be in fear and to stand my ground and be myself. I have heard that we are entering a time where we must know ourselves, and I believe this was a chance to state clearly that I would not accept this kind of attack.

What I wanted to express to the readers of this blog is not that people should be afraid of attacks or worried about such things, but that you are not alone. Everyone has angels ready to help if you but ask. You have the tools to shield and to protect yourself. In addition to your spiritual resources you are also not alone in our physical world. You can speak to others if such an attack occurs to you. There are people you can turn to here on the blog.

You no longer have to accept negativity in your life, or live in fear from attacks. It is time to stand in your place of power and say no to things you do not wish in your life. Know that you are never alone.

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