There’s a lot going on – energetically, spiritually and physically.

The “buzz” on the Other Side is of excitement and preparation and it has started filtering down to humans, animals and Mother Earth.

Why all the hubbub?

We’re growing up. Seriously.

Humans – generalized – are starting to understand. Understand that:

  • Taking responsibility for one’s own actions, words and deeds is now a must.
  • Freedom is for all life forms.
  • Clean and healthy water and food is for all life forms.
  • Respect is to be afforded all life forms.
  • Rights are for all species, not just some humans.
  • “Ascension” includes understanding that ALL life matters. Period.

We – again generalized – are starting to get it. To feel it. To know it. To remember it.


And this is bringing about so many changes – which we’ve been seeing happening for a while now.

  • Countries closing their governments, banks, etc. and restructuring a more fair and balanced society.
  • Some animals being declared sentient beings. How about more countries and all animals being included?
  • Zoos, and/or portions of inhumane captivity being closed down and the animals being rescued and relocated to sanctuaries for a better quality of life.
  • Animals knowing that humans are beginning to awaken and are showing us – more than ever before – that they know. How? Being more supportive and/or gentle with the innocents and change-bringers. (Note: This does not mean wildlife is tame and approachable. Please use caution and common sense. They will protect themselves and those under their care…just like we do.)
  • Push for organic and non-GMO food, as well as growing one’s own food.

And changes are not limited to Earth experiences. Many off-worlders (aka aliens, non-Earth beings, etc.) are gently making their presence known and/or more prominent.

Why? To let us know that we are not alone and to work with those who are ready and willing.

Personal Level

One a more personal level, some people have experienced:

  • Purging old, stuffed emotions.
  • Adapting to the higher frequency energy vibrations.
  • Their physical body making it known that certain foods are no longer acceptable for their body.
  • “Spiritual flu”, also known as Growing Pains. Joints, skin or body feeling achy; fever; lethargy; etc. – usually lasting three to seven days.
  • Increase in synchronistic incidents.
  • Those who are not resonating harmoniously with our energy are separating from us or we cut the connection.

Growing and Changing

And as we grow and change, we become / have:

  • More access to our Creator-given abilities.
  • Clearer reception (in whatever way each individual communicates to and/or receives information from their team of guides).
  • More freedom from duality energy.
  • Limitless opportunities – slowed or hampered only by an individual’s self-created boundaries and/or where one is in the journey of self-growth.

Growth Spurt

Each growth spurt opportunity (such as utilizing new energies sent to Earth to give us a boost), brings us closer to our true spiritual selves as well as closer to our spiritual kin.

It brings us closer to the fifth dimension and further from the denseness, heaviness, confusing, consuming duality of energies of the third dimension.

So why all the hubbub and excitement?

Because we are remembering who we really are.

And that really is something to get excited about.

by Jan Toomer


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